I’m so glad you found your way to TVFGI — I’m having an awful lot of fun in the kitchen these days, and who likes to party alone? On any given day we might play with beautiful plums from the farmer’s market, work out the ultimate pad thai recipe, or experiment with a one-ingredient chocolate mousse. Whatever it is, I want your mouth to water just a little.

headshot1My two daughters are now in college, and work opportunities have meant several cross country moves for my husband and me recently. This blog was born during that period of change, when, after so many years of cooking for a family, I was suddenly free to cut loose in the kitchen. I take inspiration from wherever I find myself, from the tiny island town of New Castle (aka Great Island) off the coast of New Hampshire, to the rich cultural mix of our current home in Los Angeles.

My style is enthusiastic, colorful, and non-fussy. No food is off limits here, as long as it’s ‘real’ and unprocessed, but my favorites make repeat appearances. I love cardamom and citrus. I like to cook with nuts, spirits of all kinds (I have a growing collection of airline sized bottles for just that purpose) and fresh herbs. I like things spicy. I love coffeecakes, street food and the farmer’s market. I teeter on the brink of vegetarianism, but I crave a good meatball. Food memories haunt me until I recreate them. I love eating breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast. Did I mention I have a weakness for pumpkin? Ditto for spinach artichoke dip. Suffice it to say, I’m my own best customer.

Whatever ends up on my plate, I’m going to savor each and every bite, and I hope you’ll join me.