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Flu Fighter Cookies and 15 other delicious remedies

Home Remedies collage

How are you all feeling?  I haven’t been sick in ages, but now that I’ve said that out loud, I’m probably going to come down with something bad.  Just when you think you’re out of the woods —  I mean, it’s February already — we’re almost home free!  Yeah, almost… Here’s a collection of the best of the best home remedies from some super talented bloggers…they draw on ingredients that humans have been using for eons to treat what ails…

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Healing Conifer Tea

Vitamin C rich Pine Needle Tea

Edible evergreens – who knew?   This vitamin C and anti-oxidant rich Healing Conifer Tea will sooth a cough and cold, and energize you.  It smells like a walk in the forest, and tastes lovely, too.…

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All Natural DIY Pineapple Cough Syrup

Homemade Pineapple Cough Syrup

At the first sign of a cough or sniffle, skip the trip to the corner drugstore and make up a batch of this All Natural DIY Pineapple Cough Syrup ~ it’s effective, and delicious! I have to confess, I’m a big fat sissy when it comes to medicine.  I’d much rather suffer a cough than down some of that nasty stuff they sell over the counter.  I cringe just thinking about it.  So when I read about the surprising cough…

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DIY Hibiscus and Lemon Cough Drops

DIY Hibiscus and Lemon Cough Drops 8

These little DIY Hibiscus and Lemon Cough Drops are made with a strong brew of rosy hibiscus tea and fresh lemon. They’re not going to cure anything, but they will soothe a sore throat and calm a cough just as well as any on the market, without all those questionable ingredients. And how cool is it to be able to say you make your own cough drops?…

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Turmeric Tea

Ingredients for turmeric tea

Turmeric Tea ~ Its anti-inflammatory properties are legendary, so give this nurturing tea a try if you’re stuffed up, sore, or coughing. It makes a great calming bedtime drink, too, even if you’re perfectly healthy. How are you feeling?  A little under the weather?  Tired?  Stuffed up?  Not quite yourself?  Turmeric might be just what the doctor ordered.  Turmeric is the bright yellow spice that gives mustards and curries their vivid color.  In raw form it’s a little root-like thing,…

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DIY Virgin Coconut Oil Lip Balm

Easy DIY Virgin Coconut Oil Lip Balm – make your own luscious and soothing lip balm with healthy coconut oil and stay beautifully hydrated all winter long! We’ve got central heat, space heaters, bathroom heat lamps, and hot showers and baths going 24/7 around here. My hair is frazzled, my lips are parched, and my nails are breaking. There’s been a lot of buzz about the newly discovered health benefits of coconut oil, but did you know it’s good for…

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Homemade Lip Scrub

Homemade Lip Scrub ~ I don’t know how they do it but my lips always know winter is coming before I do.  They’re like those canaries they send into coal mines to check for deadly fumes. And let’s just agree that nobody looks good with gross bits of flaky skin hanging off their lips. I make a few batches of this homemade scrub every year at the first sign of dryness.  I keep one in the shower and one by…

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