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Scandinavian Almond Bars

Scandinavian Almond Bars ~

Scandinavian Almond Bars are soft, chewy shortbread bars jam packed with almond flavor ~ they freeze beautifully, and make fabulous holiday gifts…but don’t give them all away, save a few for yourself, you deserve it! These bars are from my friend Mary, from Barefeet in the Kitchen ~ she’s made them for years, and every time she shares them on social media I start to lust after them.  She says they’re one of her most requested recipes, and I can…

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30 BEST Freezable Cookies

chewy ginger cookies

Ready…Set…Preheat!  Here are the 30 BEST Freezable Cookies to get you set for the holidays in advance, yoohoo!  These cookies are freezable, packable, giftable, and most importantly ~ IRRESISTIBLE!…

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Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge

Making Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge ~

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge capitalizes on one of the world’s great flavor combos ~ this homemade fudge is sophisticated, quick and easy, and definitely giftable. *This post is sponsored by Peanut Butter & Co™ ~ thank you for supporting me and my brand partners, I am picky about the company I keep here at tvfgi and I only work with brands I use and love. Fudge is unique unto itself.  Sure, it’s sweet, and it’s chocolatey, but that’s only half…

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Easy Cashew Tiger Butter

Cashew Tiger Butter is an irresisitible combination of chocolate and cashew butter! ~

Cashew Tiger Butter ~ this delicious chocolate and cashew butter bark is fun to make and even more fun to eat!  Let the kids help you swirl the layers together! save the recipe! While all your friends are running around stockpiling huge plastic bags of crappy candy, I thought I’d share an alternative…you can make Cashew Tiger Butter in far less time than it would take you to get to the corner drugstore and wade through the candy aisle.  Imagine…

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Cranberry Apple Butter

Crock Pot Cranberry Apple Butter from

This healthy, no-sugar Cranberry Apple Butter is a pure, gorgeous fruit spread that perks up toast, biscuits, muffins, and scones — you can even mix it into yogurt, or bake with it.   Even better, you make it right in the crock pot! You’ve probably had apple butter before, it’s such a fall staple.  And I’m sure you know that there’s no butter in it at all, just fresh apples that have been cooked down and pureed into a thick…

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Homemade Boursin Cheese Recipe

Homemade Boursin Cheese Recipe ~

My Homemade Boursin Cheese recipe will blow you away, not only because it’s easy to do, spot on delicious, and will impress the heck out of your friends…but because it will save you SO MUCH money!  Don’t lose track of this, it’s going to be perfect for the holidays. If you keep up with TVFGI you’ll know that I just posted all about How to Dry Herbs in the Microwave, it’s one of my favorite new kitchen hacks.  The microwave…

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Bourbon Banana Butter

Bourbon Banana Butter

Bourbon Banana Butter, it’s the stuff of your wildest B&B fantasies — silky, rich, and a little bit decadent — let’s just say mornings are about to get a whole lot more interesting. This is my favorite kind of stuff to share — something neither of us probably even knew existed, but turns out to be fantabulous.  Banana butter is definitely unusual, but, when you think about it for a minute, it makes perfect sense.  Every other fruit has been…

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