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Traditional Irish Leek and Potato Soup

This is a simple and satisfying Leek and Potato Soup, straight from the Irish countryside. Serve it with a drizzle of soured cream, some fresh snipped chives, and a big chunk of soda bread.

This authentic and satisfying Leek and Potato Soup comes straight from the Irish countryside.  Serve it with a drizzle of soured cream, some fresh snipped chives, and a big chunk of warm soda bread. This traditional farmhouse recipe couldn’t be easier, or more satisfying.  Soup is one of the most elemental forms of cooking, and there’s something about ladling out steaming bowls of soup to the family that is so gratifying.  This one has no bells and whistles ~ it’s…

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Shrimp Bisque

Classic and elegant Shrimp Bisque ~

Shrimp Bisque ~ it’s a little bit romantic, a little bit ladies who lunch, and it definitely has a 20th century vibe ~ but I think this richly flavored soup is ready for a comeback! Seafood bisques are definitely of the last century, but that doesn’t mean we should let them languish there.  These elegant soups have so much to offer, from their creamy texture and beautiful pale pink color to their supercharged flavors. And while lobster and crab might…

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Easy Slow Cooker Pho Recipe

Slow Cooker Weeknight Pho is a quick and easy version of a fabulous Vietnamese noodle bowl!

Slow Cooker Pho ~ this slurp-able Vietnamese noodle soup is world famous for its richly flavored broth that simmers all-day.  With my easy crock pot recipe you can enjoy pho any night of the week!…

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Dill Pickle and Brat Soup

Dill Pickle and Brat Soup ~ a wonderfully surprising soup made with smokey brats, tangy dill pcikles, and tender potatoes in a creamy broth ~

Dill Pickle and Brat Soup, made in the crock pot, or not.  This soup is a delicious surprise, with smokey brats, tangy dill pickles, and tender potatoes all in a light sour cream broth.  If you love pickles, this is for you! The first time I saw dill pickle soup it was on Pinterest, and I filed it away in my mind as something I *might* want to try sometime.  Just like a lot of you, I’m sure, it’s not…

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Winter Weight Loss Soup

Winter Weight Loss Soup is colorful, delicious, and effective! ~

Winter Weight Loss Soup ~ this revitalizing soup is satisfying and delicious.  I don’t know where I’d be without it ~ probably a few pounds heavier, that’s for sure! *This post is in partnership with Swanson® ~ thank you for supporting me and the brands I work with, I’m super choosy and promise to bring you only the cream of the crop. This isn’t the dreaded cabbage soup diet in disguise, I promise!  This soup is near and dear to…

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Creamy Ham and Bean Broth

Creamy Ham and Bean Soup ~

Creamy Ham and Bean Broth is a luxe way to use up a leftover ham ~ I make a big pot of this wonderful chowder, it only gets better as it sits. I sometimes look forward to the leftovers even more than the original dish during the holidays.  I mean, what could be better than having a hunk of ham, with the flavorful bone attached, sitting in the fridge just waiting to be turned into something warm and comforting like…

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The Secret to the Best Brussels Sprout Soup!

Spoiler alert ~ it’s bacon.  My Creamy Brussels Sprout and Bacon Soup is a comforting meal for a chilly night ~ just add a simple salad, a hunk of whole grain bread, and a glass of wine.  Love is definitely in the air. This thick chowder features Brussels sprouts ~ those irresistible  little mini cabbages that are the highlight of my winter ~ but some of the credit for this luscious soup has to go to the shallots, cream, sharp…

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