Mahi Mahi Skewers with Jalapeño, Key Lime, and Pineapple ~ these skewers are healthy, easy, and so delicious!  Make them in the broiler or on the stove top all year long!

Mahi Mahi Skewers with Jalapeno, Key Lime, and Pineapple

My latest go to dinner obsession is skewers, specifically, fish skewers.  I use sturdy fish like salmon, halibut, tuna, or this mahi mahi, and cut it into large  chunks.  It’s a great way to serve some of the more expensive varieties of fish because half a pound  will make two dinner sized skewers.  The thing I love about grilling is that you really don’t need to fuss with anything else like a sauce, or even a marinade, the grilling gives such great flavor on its own.  A good squeeze of  lime is all this needs.  Try it over my MEXICAN GREEN RICE.  Or if you’re in a hurry, steam up a box of couscous.

Mahi Mahi, pineapple and jalapeno skewers 2

I threaded whole jalapeno and key limes right on the skewers with the fish and pineapple. If you don’t like the heat, use sweet peppers.

Mahi Mahi Skewers with Jalapeno, Key Lime, and Pineapple 3

Easy-peasy, healthy, with lots of gutsy flavor.

Mahi Mahi Skewers with Jalapeno, Key Lime, and Pineapple

Yield: serves 2


  • 1/2 pound mahi mahi fillet (ask for a thick piece)
  • Fresh pineapple
  • 6-8 Key limes
  • 4 small jalapeno peppers
  • olive oil
  • salt and fresh cracked black pepper


  1. Cut the fish and the pineapple in similar sized chunks, about 1 - 1 1/2 inch square.
  2. Cut the limes in half.
  3. Thread the pineapple, Mahi Mahi, 4 of the limes, and the whole jalapenos on long skewers. Season with salt and pepper, and brush with olive oil.
  4. Heat a grill pan over medium high heat until it is quite hot. Grill the skewers until the fish is done through, this will only take a few minutes per side. I like to make sure everything is touching the grill for nice even grill marks. Once you set the skewers down, don't disturb them for a few minutes, Then carefully turn and grill the other side. When the fish flakes, it's done. Throw the remaining limes on the grill at the last minute, cut side down.

Mahi Mahi Skewers with Jalapeno, Key Lime, and Pineapple 6

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12 Responses to Mahi Mahi Skewers with Jalapeño, Key Lime, and Pineapple

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  3. These look great! I love the combination of the heat from the jalapenos with the cooler pineapple. It creates such a pretty presentation that I’m sure tastes even better than it looks!

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  5. Love this flavor combination-such a great, healthy idea for summer barbecues!

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  7. I’ve been admiring your fish skewers for some time now – love the idea and the fast prep to table time. Limes, pineapple and peppers – they would be great on their own too! Wonderful, creative idea.

  8. I LOVE this idea. I’m not sure I could get hold of key limes, or mahi mahi for that matter, but I’m sure I could make a few substitutes and come up with something similar. Love how impressive this is for so little effort.

  9. There’s something that’a just so cool about eating off a stick! Love the combination of flavors and that you threaded whole key limes and jalapenos on the skewers.

  10. Eileen says:

    This sounds SO GOOD for barbecue season! I am definitely going to have to go get all the fish and fruit as soon as possible.

  11. I am dying over these! Love the flavoring to go with the mahi mahi. So simple, yet the perfect meal for a summer night. Can’t wait to give these a try, they will be a huge hit. Thanks!

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