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Meatless Monday

  • Hearty and healthy Falafel Salad Bowl is a protein rich Middle Eastern main course salad ~

    Falafel Salad Bowl

    My Falafel Salad Bowl is such a fabulous vegetarian main course salad, it makes Meatless Monday everybody’s favorite night of the week! This Falafel Salad Bowl is inspired by one of…

  • Pasta Alla Norma, 2

    Pasta Alla Norma

    Alla Norma is an Italian standby, it’s earthy, homey, and except for the glossy purple eggplant, is made entirely from pantry staples. Of course, in summer, so there’s nothing stopping you…

  • Italian pasta with a creamy walnut sauce

    Pasta with Walnut Sauce

    Pasta with Walnut Sauce is a surprisingly delicious meatless dish made with toasted walnuts, garlic, and lots of fresh creamy ricotta.   Every once in a while a dish will stand…