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St. Patrick’s Day

  • Whiskey Glazed Brownies

    Whiskey Glazed Brownies

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin Whiskey Glazed Brownies are as luscious as they sound — whip up a batch next time you feel like you deserve something special… Some recipes are…

  • Irish Coffee Cheesecake Bars

    Irish Coffee Cheesecake Squares

    Irish Coffee Cheesecake Squares are a lighter alternative to regular cheesecake, with a hint of coffee and whisky to keep it all interesting! Once I had the first batch of my…

  • Irish Cream liqueur made from scratch

    How to Make Irish Cream

    How to Make Irish Cream ~ for real!  This diy version of one of my favorite liqueurs is dangerously delicious, and ridiculously easy to make. I am so excited about this…

  • Irish Apple Cale

    Irish Apple Cake

    This is an authentic old fashioned Irish apple cake, the kind that would be made throughout the apple harvest season all over Ireland, where every farmhouse has its own prized version…