Breakfast for Dinner! The Best Brinner Recipes Ever

spooning hollandaise sauce on quiche

There’s nothing like breakfast for dinner at the end of a trying day because eggs, bacon, pancakes, and sausage have the magical ability to make everything better.

egg shells

why make breakfast for dinner?

One reason I love eating breakfast foods for dinner is because it gives me an excuse to cook some of my favorite foods that I’m rarely up for making at 6am. But by 6 pm they can seem like a breeze compared to conventional dinner! And when you’re feeling kind of overwhelmed by your day, nothing amps up the cozy factor like brinner.

eggs benedict quiche with hollandaise sauce

Eggs Benedict might be a little bit too high brow for a down home brinner, but all those flavors are represented beautifully in this quick and easy quiche. Don’t forget the Hollandaise sauce! My version is so easy and takes only 30 seconds.

eggs benedict quiche

breakfast pasta carbonara

Take classic pasta carbonara, swap in bacon for pancetta, add extra eggs into the equation, and you’ve got the best breakfast/dinner hybrid there is. I love to eat this dish for actual breakfast, too, so save your leftovers!

twirling pasta carbonara onto a fork


The classic brunch-y duo of salmon and eggs becomes dinner worthy in this classic, flavorful British rice dish. A very Downton Abbey style brinner.

homemade chicken apple sausage

These tasty homemade breakfast sausage patties make a fabulous dinner paired with a couple fried eggs and toast. They’d also make a great breakfast sandwich with any of my biscuits.

quiche lorraine

This super creamy, custard-y quiche is French culinary luxury at it’s best. I often use store bought pie crusts for my quiches, which makes them a totally weeknight-friendly dinner option if you keep a few stashed in the freezer at all times.

quiche Lorraine on a plate with a green salad on the side

sheet pan pancakes

Sometimes it just has to be pancakes for dinner, right? At least save yourself some time by making them with this ingenious method, right in the oven! I was skeptical, but these pancakes turn out fluffy and perfect with so much less effort and mess than flipping them on the griddle. Once you’re hooked, try my strawberry sheet pan pancakes and my pumpkin crunch sheet pan pancakes.

baked eggs florentine

This elegant and super quick dish makes a fine dinner paired with some toasty bread. The fresh herbs really make it, in my opinion, so definitely don’t skimp.

Baked Eggs Florentine, an easy and elegant breakfast or brunch dish that's low in carbs and high in flavor!

breakfast mac and cheese

Crisp bacon and an egg baked right on top takes this mac and cheese into delicious brinner territory with very little extra effort. This is a personal fave of mine, it just makes me happy.

Breakfast Style Mac & Cheese

breakfast tater tot casserole

When you just need it all, this breakfast casserole delivers. Eggs, sausage, crispy tater tot crust, cheese, it’s like the breakfast buffet of your dreams in one delicious dish.

taking a bite of a breakfast casserole

sheet pan frittata with spring greens

When something lighter yet still nourishing is in order, eggs and fresh green vegetables make a healthy and delicious pairing. Fresh goat adds creaminess and tang.

sheet pan frittata with spring greens and goat cheese

cheddar cornmeal biscuit (sandwiches)

These cheddar cheese and cornmeal biscuits have amazing flavor and texture that makes an ordinary ham and egg sandwich dinner-worthy.

Cheddar cornmeal biscuit breakfast sandwich.

red pepper and baked egg galettes

These breakfast pastries might look fancy, but they are so easy to make with store bought puff pastry, some bright and healthy veggies, and a cracked egg right in the middle.

Red Pepper and Egg Galettes 2

sweet onion and herb quiche

This delicious quiche is all about the mild flavor of sweet onions, chives, and some good quality, grainy mustard. Serve it with a side salad for the perfect meal that works literally any time of day.

Sweet Onion and Herb Quiche is a quick and easy summer meal!

Irresistible Bagel Toast

Yes bagels can be dinner, especially when you load them up with creative toppings and irresistible schmears.

bagels topped with colorful ingredients for a bagel toast bar
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