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canned tuna recipe

My Summer Tomato and Tuna Salad is in the Mediterranean tradition of serving up healthy seasonal food simply and There's no need for heavy sauces or dressings, these ingredients can stand on their own, with maybe a dousing of the best olive oil in the house. | main course salad | healthy dinner | seafood | fish | 30 minute meal | whole 30 | gluten free | paleo |

Summer Tomato and Tuna Salad

Summer Tomato and Tuna Salad ~ if you think canned tuna belongs between two slices of bread, think again, this vibrant salad is just as easy to make, healthier, and a whole lot more exciting.…

Hawaiian Poke Bowls with Canned Tuna

Rainbow Poke Bowl with Canned Tuna

Rainbow Poke Bowl with canned tuna ~ you can have this colorful and healthy Hawaiian favorite any time, anywhere, without having to source sushi grade raw fish ~ it’s a win win!…

Albacore Buddha Bowl Recipe ~

Healthy Albacore Tuna Buddha Bowls

I make my quick and easy Albacore Tuna Buddha Bowls with pantry staples, and they’re packed with flavor, protein, and vibrant nutrition. This post is is sponsored by Genova Seafood®, and as you know, I greatly appreciate your support…