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  • classic chicken soup in a bowl with spoon

    Not Your Grandma’s Chicken Soup

    It’s definitely not your grandma’s chicken soup ~ for one thing, this vibrant soup won’t be simmering on the stove all day, it’s ready in 30 minutes.  And I’m pretty sure…

  • sunny lemon soup with chicken and couscous

    Lemon Soup with Chicken and Israeli Couscous

    Lemon Soup with Chicken and Israeli Couscous ~ this creamy lemon soup is based on the classic Greek avgolemono soup, the broth is thickened with egg yolks only, and the flavor…

  • Dilled Matzo Ball Soup

    Dilled Matzo Ball Soup is warm, hearty, restorative, resonant with historical significance, and the essence of home and family.  It can also beat the heck out of a cold or flu. …