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  • diy fancy sugar cubes

    Afternoon Tea and DIY Sugar Cubes

    DIY Sugar Cubes ~ these fancy sugar cubes are surprisingly easy to make using inexpensive plastic chocolate molds, and can transform morning coffee or afternoon tea into a truly memorable occasion!…

  • Homemade clotted cream

    How to Make Clotted Cream

    Homemade Clotted Cream ~ (aka Devonshire or Cornish Cream) this luxurious spreadable cream is a must for afternoon tea and scones, but no need to buy those pricey little imported bottles,…

  • Pumpkin Cream Scones

    Pumpkin Cream Scones

    Pumpkin Cream Scones are soft, tender pastries that are so much better than the ones you get at your favorite coffee store! I hear from people all the time who tell…