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  • Jeweled Wild Rice in a white bowl with pomegranates

    Jeweled Wild Rice Salad

    My Jeweled Wild Rice Salad is a joyful gluten free vegan recipe and a make-ahead friendly side dish for your holidays.  Bonus: whatever their diet, nobody at your table will feel…

  • Lemony Chicken Biryani is a lush comforting one pot meal ~

    Lemon Chicken Biryani

    This Lemon Chicken Biryani recipe is a delicious gift that comes to us from Persia, via India ~ the fragrant basmati rice is flavored with a blend of spices and the…

  • Indian Style Saffron Rice

    Indian Style Saffron Rice ~ this naturally gluten free basmati pilaf gets its golden color from saffron and turmeric, and lots of flavor and texture from pistachios, mustard seeds and coriander…