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Pita Bread

Spiced Lamb Pita Burgers --- this fresh new take on a burger will get everybody excited ---

Spiced Lamb Pita Burgers

Spiced Lamb Pita Burgers are a fresh take on everybody’s favorite grill grub — the lamb is mixed with Middle Eastern spices, onions, and fresh mint, then spread inside a pita and grilled — these are crisp, juicy, and…

freshly cooked homemade pita bread

How to Make Perfect Pita Bread Every Time

How to Make Perfect Pita Bread Every Time, it’s easier than you think, and you’ll never go back to the stuff in bags again, guaranteed! I promised you homemade pita bread when I posted last week’s CRUSHED LENTILS, and…

Traditional Middle Eastern Laffa Bread

How to Make Laffa Bread

Laffa Bread is a traditional Middle Eastern Bread that is easy to make at home, right on the stove top, and has so much more character than plain old pita bread ~ First up, I don’t get this aggressive…