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  • gazpacho negra in a white bowl with pansies

    Fire Roasted Gazpacho (Black Gazpacho)

    My Fire Roasted Gazpacho (Black Gazpacho) is intensely delicious. I make this Spanish chilled soup with fire roasted tomatoes and blistered peppers for a deep rich color and a smokey flavor that is…

  • Gazpacho in small glasses

    Summer’s Best Gazpacho Recipes

    Memorizing a few simple gazpacho recipes is essential if you’re going to survive the rest of the summer without wilting.  I’ve collected all versions of this classic Spanish chilled soup, from…

  • vietnamese summer rolls

    Spinach and Basil Summer Rolls

    Spinach and Basil Summer Rolls are light, elegant, and utterly refreshing dipped in a fresh coconut lime sauce! Yesterday’s farmers market had some beautiful Chinese spinach, a large leafy green with…