Pink Pineapple ~ everything you need to know!

a pink pineapple (Pinkglow) sliced

Pink Pineapple is new on the scene and getting lots of attention. What is it? What does it taste like? And where can you get one! Everything you need to know about this beautiful new pineapple.

slicing a pink pineapple (Pinkglow)

what is pink pineapple(Pinkglow®)?

Pink pineapples hit the commercial scene in late 2020, but were first approved for planting in 2011.

Where do pink pineapples come from?

They’re grown in Costa Rica, by Del Monte.

What do pink pineapples taste like?

They’re sweeter and less acidic than regular pineapple, and, at least for me, they taste like a cross between a pineapple and a strawberry. It’s a lovely flavor that is definitely different enough to warrant checking them out.

What makes pink pineapples pink?

Lycopene is a natural plant pigment that gives the pink color. It’s also in tomatoes, watermelon, and pink grapefruit.

cutting a pink pineapple for pink pineapple and shrimp skewers

Are pink pineapples pink on the outside?

No, they look just like regular pineapples on the outside, the pink is just in the flesh of the fruit.

Are pink pineapples GMO?

Yes, they’ve been genetically modified in a laboratory to be sweeter and pinker than natural pineapples. 3 genes were altered to shift the natural yellow from beta carotene to the pink from lycopene. Why do this? Companies genetically modify plants for various reasons: for better productivity/profit, environmental reasons, resistence to disease and climate change, or better consumer appeal. In this case the reason was to make a unique and exciting variety of pineapple to appeal to buyers. The FDA says GMO food is completely safe, but many are skeptical of the process.

Are pink pineapples healthy?

The health benefits are almost identical to regular pineapples.

Where can I buy pink pineapples?

For now you have to order them online here, or here. By the way, they come in a spectacular box and would make a great gift to a fruit lover.

What’s the best way to cut a pineapple?

Pineapples look a little daunting with all that prickly skin and spiky top, but they’re a breeze to prep when you know the simple way to peel and cut them ~ see my post all about How to Cut a Pineapple

a pink pineapple (Pinkglow) sliced

What can you do with pink pineapples?

Pink pineapples can be used in all the same ways you use regular pineapples!

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