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    Jewel Box Truffles

    Jewel Box Truffles on a glass tray

    Jewel Box Truffles ~ I dare you to find a better or easier holiday food gift than these adorable bedazzled chocolates.  And the best part?  If you can melt chocolate, you can make them!…

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  • Sugar Plum Fairy Bark on a gold and white plate

    Sugar Plum Fairy Bark

    Sugar Plum Fairy Bark ~ a pretty white peppermint confection bedazzled with sprinkles, because a little bling is always appropriate during the holidays.…

  • Crisp Almond Lace Wafer cookies

    Reader’s Recipes: Almond Lace Wafers

    These delicate almond lace wafer cookies have a wonderfully light crisp texture and can easily be made gluten free.  Dip them in chocolate or leave them plain, they’re always a hit!…

  • A round platter ofRainbow Crudités with Fire Feta

    Rainbow Crudités with Fire Feta

    Rainbow Crudités with Fire Feta ~ an oasis of freshness and crunch in a season full of comfort foods and holiday treats, people will flock to this colorful healthy appetizer!…

  • Easy How To instructions for making swirled chocolate bark

    Chocolate Bark ~ 15 Ways!

    Chocolate Bark ~ 15 Ways ~ chocolate bark is the easiest of all homemade candies and probably my favorite.  It can be done in a thousand and one ways, here are…

  • 5 Mouthwatering Flourless Desserts

    These 5 mouthwatering flourless desserts prove you don’t need traditional white flour to make a knock-out sweet treat! …

  • sliced Nutcracker Bark on a marble slab

    Easy Nutcracker Bark (with printable recipe tags!)

    Easy Nutcracker Bark ~ crunchy, salty mixed nuts enrobed in lots of dark chocolate.  Who wouldn’t want some of that?  Nobody, that’s who.  And I’ve even included downloadable recipe gift tags…