My Favorite Weight Loss Soup Recipes!

green goddess soup for weight loss

Soup has always been my secret weapon when I want to shed a few pounds. I simply substitute a healthy soup for dinner and eat sensibly for the rest of the day. It works for me like a charm, so I’ve gathered together some of my favorite weight loss soup recipes for you to try for yourself.

weight loss soup in a white bowl

How soup can help with weight loss

First let’s define healthy soup as broth based, including chicken, beef, vegetable, and tomato. Heavy cream or cheese based soups are not included.

  • Soup is hydrating. This obvious point is an important one. Soup’s high water content fills your stomach and gives you that satisfied feeling.
  • When you’re hydrated you’re less likely to want to snack, or forage for dessert.
  • Brothy soups are low in calories, and calories are key when you’re trying to lose weight.
  • Soup is often high fiber and that also helps make you feel full. Fiber doesn’t get digested, so it doesn’t add calories to our diet. The fiber in beans and some veggies can help suppress your appetite, too.
  • You don’t have to limit your consumption of a healthy low calorie soup, so you can go back for seconds.
  • Soup naturally limits portions of animal protein, so if there is chicken, fish, beef, or meatballs in your soup you are getting a relatively small serving.
  • The hot temperature of soup slows the pace of eating which is healthier and gives your brain time recognize when you’re actually full.
  • Eating soup for dinner makes sense because you don’t want to consume a lot of calories at the end of the day.



Easy Weight Loss Soup Recipe

Why it works:

The soup is made with a clear broth and lots of veggies making it super low in calories, but still quite filling. Use the veggies you love, and eat as much as you like. When I make a lean soup specifically to help me shed pounds, I always try to include at least one starchy or sweet vegetable like beets, carrots, or potatoes to the mix. Or I might add some sort of bean like frozen limas or canned chickpeas. This little addition keeps the soup from feeling too austere.

Tip: I like to add some grated Parmesan cheese to the top before serving, it makes this lean soup more satisfying.

weight loss soup in a white bowl



Slimming Detox Soup

Why it works:

This soup is almost like salad in soup form. It’s very low calorie but high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Add rotisserie chicken, canned beans, or tofu for extra protein.

Tip: It’s critical not to over cook all the colorful veggies in this soup. I like to simmer briefly and then turn off the heat, cover, and let sit on the stove for 30 minutes,  Everything comes out bright, firm, and delicious.

Slimming Detox Soup for getting back on track fast!



Not Your Grandma’s Chicken Soup

Why it works:

Chicken soup is warm and satisfying whether you’re trying to lose weight or not. Keeping the veggies colorful and crisp tender is key. Adding fresh greens at the very last minute gives this soup a lovely vibrancy.

Tip: Simply substituting a bowl of soup every night for dinner can help get you back to a healthy weight, and the best part? You can have seconds!

Not your Grandma's Chicken Soup



Green Goddess Immune Boosting Soup

Why it works:

 This soup works on the ‘my body is a temple’ theory of weight loss. Take the time to make this beautiful nourishing soup and you’ll feel instantly more in control of your #goals. This soup is loaded with fresh spinach, so if you’re a green smoothie lover, this is for you.

Tip: a high speed blender can make amazing soups in minutes, even when you’re too pooped to cook.

Green Goddess Immune Boosting Soup



Miso Soup

Why this works:

The Japanese are rarely overweight, and they eat miso (fermented bean paste) at every meal. The probiotics in miso aid digestion, and it gives rich satisfying umami flavor to soup without adding fats or animal protein. While more studies are needed, eating probiotics has also been linked to weight loss.

Tip: miso is a living food, and cooking it will destroy its benefits. Stir the paste into the soup at the end, off the heat.

simple and nourishing miso soup



Lentil Bone Broth Soup

Why this works:

Made with just 2 tablespoons of heart healthy olive oil, and a super protein rich bone broth, this hearty soup is packed with high fiber lentils. Lentils and other legumes help keep you feeling fuller longer, and lentils have been shown to help boost calorie burning, too.

Tip: Puree some of the soup for a rich creamy body, but leave the rest of the lentils whole for a nice contrast in texture.

Lentil Bone Broth Soup in white bowls


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