Muffin recipes for cozy mornings

chocolate chip peanut butter muffin, unwrapped

My best muffin recipes ~ it’s how we’re feeding the hungry hoards during the busy holiday season and beyond. A batch of warm, fluffy muffins makes a grab and go breakfast, plus fuel for snowy walks, shopping sprees, and everything else you’ve got planned this season.

apple cider doughnut muffins in a basket

fresh cranberry muffins

Made these today….they were excellent! I loved the idea of just throwing everything in one bowl…not having to chop the cranberries was great. They had a nice texture and the tartness was balanced by the sparkling sugar on top. I will be making these often….a keeper!


orange cardamom muffins

These are delicious! They’re fresh tasting with just the right amount of orange. The cardamom is the perfect compliment. The recipe made exactly one dozen. I followed the suggestion to sprinkle the tops with sparkly sugar. The texture is delicate and moist. Loved them, will make these on repeat!

Breaking open an orange and cardamom muffin.

apple crisp muffins

I love the idea, being able to make the muffins leave them to sit and then clean up before your visitors arrive or go pick the kids up from school and muffins ready to make when you get home. I will have to make these for my grandchildren on Friday. Thanks for the great recipes.

apple crisp muffin in a paper liner

chocolate chip peanut butter muffins

These are sooooo good. Usually anything peanut butter (baked goods) is dry but these are muffins are NOT dry at all. My whole family loves them! I used California Extra Virgin Olive oil. They have a new vanilla flavored baking blend oil. Great recipe. Thank you for another great recipe.

chocolate chip peanut butter muffin, with wrapper

pumpkin doughnut muffins

I had to make a second batch of these the day after the first try, they disappeared so fast! Absolutely delicious!

pumpkin doughnut muffins, stacked

pear muffins with hazelnut streusel

I had all the ingredients measured out to make these muffins when a neighbor dropped in. Issued a casual dinner invitation to him as he was on his own this weekend. So, now what to make for dessert? I added in three more pears and baked this in a round spring-form pan. It took longer to bake of course, It was beautiful and the perfect dessert! Looking forward to another piece with my morning coffee. Nice and moist, not too sweet and the roasted hazelnuts are wonderful with pears.


double chocolate muffins

WHOA…. I just made these and they are showy, huge, with extraordinarily tall domed caps, and just beautiful! I used extra dark/black cocoa and they look so sinfully rich. I got 13 tall muffins and so I obviously ate the odd man out right away! Thank you once again for another outstanding recipe!

chocolate muffins in a muffin pan

easy oat muffins with cinnamon sugar

This is a great recipe! They turned out beautifully. I felt like a classy chef! Haha. Even my 3 year old daughter enjoyed helping me make these. I think she ate more of the sugar topping than what made it on the tops though. They were delicious and told so many people about this recipe. I plan to follow any other recipes and check them out. This was right up my alley!

Oat muffins on a cooling rack.

apple cider doughnut muffins

Wow these muffins were so delish! Super simple and straightforward instructions too. I brought these in to my job for my friends who got stuck working thanksgiving morning and they were such a hit! Seriously, everyone loved them. Thanks!!


Perfect Blueberry Muffins

So darn good! Perfect light crumb and oodles of blueberries (I used the whole pint) The best recipe yet!

stack of blueberry muffins

Perfect Lemon Muffins

These were unbelievably good straight out of the oven. Easy enough for kids to make, and they smell and taste divine. The kids sprinkled in cinnamon as well, which elevated their awesomeness. We are now going to be making these over and over again. Thanks for posting!

a partially unwrapped lemon muffin on a cupcake stand

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