Globally inspired salads for Earth Day!

loaded tabbouleh salad in a wooden bowl

Salad season is a favorite of mine and I’m sharing my best salad recipes from around the globe today!

Hand tossing a healthy Shirazi Salad in a white bowl

Salad season is finally here and I’m ready to get chopping, how about you? I went through my salad archives and picked out some of my favorite globally inspired recipes, but there are so many (over 200!) it was hard to choose. Even though these recipes have a lot in common (summer produce is similar the world over) they all have their own unique spin on what makes a fabulous salad. These salad recipes only scratch the surface, I’ve got lots of exploring left to do…I need to check out Scandinavia, Africa, South America, India…any ideas for me? Let me know in the comments.


Thai Spaghetti Salad

It’s hearty, colorful, and can be made ahead of time, the flavors actually benefit from a little time in the fridge. It’s an economical way to feed a crowd, and there’s no mayo to spoil outdoors, either. The Thai flavors make this fun pasta salad unique.

Spicy Thai Spaghetti Salad in glass bowl

Mediterranean Bean Salad

Multi-colored bell peppers, cukes, and red onion provide the crunch. Both black and pimento stuffed green olives add the brine ~ you can never have too many olives ~ and pickled peppadew peppers (the bright red ones) provide the tart tang. Marinated artichokes and feta cheese round out the group. 

Mediterranean bean salad in a white bowl

Japanese Cucumber Salad

Japanese Cucumber Salad (Sunomono) is a crunchy salad that makes a refreshing side dish to Asian recipes, sandwiches, burgers, etc. These healthy sweet and sour pickled cucumbers are packed with flavor.

cucumber salad with dressing

French Carrot Salad

This classic French carrot salad is simplicity at its best – a fresh, two-ingredient salad tossed with the perfect lemon Dijon dressing for the most versatile side dish you’ll make all spring and summer long.

French Carrot Salad being tossed

Loaded Tabbouleh Salad

This healthy Middle Eastern salad is a staple of summer in our house, and we love a classic tabbouleh made with cracked wheat, parsley, cukes and tomatoes. 

holding a loaded tabbouleh salad

Sweet Corn and Watermelon Salad

Inspired by the super refreshing flavors of a Mexican street cart, this crunchy salad can stand up to the hottest days of the year.

watermelon and corn salad in a blue dish

Israeli Chopped Salad

Israeli Salad (aka Arabic Salad) with Za’atar Dressing is a fresh tomato and cucumber salad with a refreshing crunch and a complicated history. This healthy chopped vegetable salad is traditionally served with every meal of the day and makes the perfect summer side dish.

Israeli salad in a white bowl

Ukrainian Beet Salad

Ukrainian Beet Salad with Sour Cream and Dill is going to be my vibrant stand in for potato salad this summer. I toss sweet earthy beets with a creamy dressing and lots of fresh dill for a knockout salad with Eastern European flair. 

Russian style beet salad in a white bowl

Chinese Cole Slaw

My Chinese coleslaw is tossed with the perfect Asian sesame dressing and topped with sliced almonds and salty sesame sticks to double down on an already epic crunch.

Chinese coleslaw topped with sesame sticks

Heirloom Caprese Salad

Heirloom Tomato Caprese Salad with Kalamata Olive Vinaigrette is a juicy tomato salad with creamy slices of fresh mozzarella, peppery basil leaves, and the velvety tang of Kalamata olives ~ it’s like a trip to sunny Capri in a bowl!

Chopped Greek Salad

My Chopped Greek Salad is a delicately diced version of the classic Greek salad that’s such a healthy mainstay of the Mediterranean diet. (The chopping makes it even more delicious, imo!)

ingredients for chopped Greek salad arranged in a bowl

Shirazi Salad (Persian Cucumber Tomato Salad)

Shirazi Salad, or Persian cucumber tomato salad, is a combination of crisp cucumbers, ripe tomatoes, sharp onions, and fresh herbs.

Hands tossing a Shirazi Salad in a white bowl

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