Whole Fruit Popsicles are a healthy, low calorie, low carb snack or dessert for kids of all ages!

Healthy Whole Fruit Popsicles

Those of you who know me know I have a thing for stripes.  I had so much fun making last year’s STRIPED JUICE POPS that the minute the warm weather hit here I dug out my popsicle mold and made a whole fruit version.  The difference is that instead of freezing juice in the popsicle mold, I pureed fresh fruit and froze that, it makes for an even healthier treat.   Those pretty layers are pureed  kiwi, strawberry,  mango, blueberry, watermelon and pineapple.  There is nothing added, no sugar or simple syrup, so all you taste is the fruit.  It’s like a frozen fruit salad on a stick.

Striped All Fruit Pops | The View from Great Island 2

It only takes about a cup of cut fruit for each layer, so you can use leftovers or whatever you have around.  As the fruit season gets going, you’re going to have so many choices.  You can alternate two of your favorites, or go for a rainbow.  Later in the summer I’d love to try a multi-berry version, just imagine the different pink and purple tones all lined up.

Striped All Fruit Pops | The View from Great Island 3

These aren’t hard to do at all, it’s a simple layer and freeze technique.   And it’s a wow when you slide the pops out of the molds for the big reveal.  Every one will be a little different.  If you don’t have a mold, grab one soon, they are cheap and so much fun to use.  They’re everywhere, from the dollar stores to Target etc.  You can get lots of different models on AMAZON.

Whole Fruit Popsicles

Yield: makes 10 popsicles

Whole Fruit Popsicles


  • About 2 kiwis
  • 1 cup strawberry halves
  • 1 cup roughly chopped mango
  • 1 cup blueberries
  • 1 cup roughly chopped watermelon
  • 1 cup rough chopped pineapple


  1. Working with one fruit at a time, puree in a small food processor. Rinse the machine out between fruits.
  2. Carefully spoon a layer of fruit at the bottom of each popsicle mold. Gently rap the mold on a firm surface to level the puree. Freeze until solid.
  3. Spoon another layer of fruit in each mold and stand a stick upright in each. Force it down gently into the frozen bottom layer so it will stand up straight. You are not going to use the plastic top for this recipe, just leave it off. Again firmly tap the mold down on the counter to level the puree and freeze again until the second layer is solid. (The freezing time between layers will vary with your freezer temp, but it might take 45 minutes or so.)
  4. Continue on until you have filled the molds. If any of the purees are a little too thick to work with, stir in a little water. Clean up any spilled puree from the insides of the molds as you go so they won't mar your design, just scrape the drips down with a popsicle stick.
  5. To un-mold, fill your sink with hot tap water, and hold the mold in the water, just up to, but not over the top edge, for a few seconds. If the popsicles don't slide out, hold the mold in the water a little longer.


  • The fruit amounts are approximate, depending on your mold you may need a little more or a little less. You can always add a little water, coconut water or yogurt to stretch the amount. My popsicle mold has 10 slots and each slot holds about 1/2 cup liquid.
  • If you can’t get your hands on a popsicle mold, or you’re impatient to try this, you can use paper cups in a pinch.  Just peel them off when you’re ready to eat!

Whole Fruit Popsicles | The View from Great Island 5


Have you pulled out your popsicle mold yet?  What are you waiting for?


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76 Responses to Whole Fruit Popsicles

  1. Sam says:

    Running to the store to get some popsicle sticks!! Sure try for this summer. Thank you!

  2. I get my kids to eat a lot of their fruits and veggies by juicing and making smoothies but these look delicious and I am sure will make a great summer time snack. Thanks for sharing this HEALTHY recipe.

  3. Boo says:

    How would banana work for this?

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  10. What a fun way to get kids to eat their fruit. They are so gorgeous, kids and adults alike would love these!

  11. Paola Almanza says:

    This looks soo good that I am going to make it for this summer

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  19. Shanice says:

    Great post! I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams starts on Fridays :D Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party.

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  22. Beautiful fruit pops, Sue! I love the rainbow of colors and look forward to your post using fresh summer berries with all the gorgeous pink and violet hues. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Now I definitely know what I’ll be making this summer :)
    Nothing beats frozen fruit on a hot day, so thanks for the awesome recipe!

  24. These are probably the prettiest things I’ve ever seen!!!! Pinned!

  25. Shari Kelley says:

    These popsicles look so pretty, and your pictures of them are beautiful! I just got a popsicle mold last summer and can’t wait to use it with some of your recipes.

  26. These are SO gorgeous! Just came over here from How Sweet It Is and couldn’t stop staring at the pictures, I definitely need to try these!

  27. Quite possibly the greatest fruit popsicles I have ever seen. Absolutely beautiful and my boys would devour these in no time. So healthy too and perfect for summer! Can’t wait to give these a try. So happy to visit your amazing blog!

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  29. I must have looked at these 10 times but forgot to comment! I shared on FB too :) These are amazing – you are a food artist. I don’t have a popsicle mold – what’s wrong with me??? You could market and sell these – seriously! What’s not to love. The colors, fresh fruit, healthy, cold and delicious. Bravo!

    • Sue says:

      Tricia what kind of a grandmother are you? No popsicle mold? Gotta fix that :)

      • mimi says:

        Just curious – what brand of popsicle mold did you use for the striped ones in the photo? I’ve not had success with some in the past and am planning to try again with a different brand of mold.

        • Sue says:

          Hi Mimi — I used a Cost Plus brand mold, but it is identical to this type on Amazon —http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004GJQVSQ/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B004GJQVSQ&linkCode=as2&tag=thvifrthgris-20&linkId=FVDFWQDHZ3X7EHOF

  30. perri6 says:

    They look magically delicious! Thanks for posting. (:

  31. Bonnie Eng says:

    Gosh, can a popsicle be any more gorgeous!? My husband would flip over these!!! Thanks for sharing. =)

  32. Gorgeous popsicles! Love how many different kinds of fruit you used!

  33. cheri says:

    Oh Sue, these are the prettiest popsicles I have ever seen. I noticed you have not added any sugar, that makes these even more perfect.

  34. These are muy fantastico! Love them, thanks for the inspiration, going to try!!

  35. Susan says:

    I wonder if frozen would work? I have lots of that.

  36. These are so pretty, I love the stripes!

  37. Julie says:


  38. Penny says:

    My oh my. We have lots of kids coming to the lake this summer and I am sooo making these. Will get some molds soon. Thanks Sue!

  39. LOVE THESE! I just get happy looking at them.

    As in, I’m just gonna stare for a few minutes. And then buy some popsicle molds.


  40. Monique says:

    oh I think they are gorgeous..Your chocolate fridge cake is in our fridge..I have 3 young men spending the day here tomorrow..:)

  41. Mary says:

    Oh Sue! These look SO beautiful and I love that they
    Are all fruit! Gorgeous!

  42. Wow these are amazing! My kids would go bonkers, they LOVE anything rainbow. I’ve got to make these for them, as soon as the weather warms up! Pinning ;)

  43. These are beautiful! What a fantastic — and gorgeous – way to use fresh fruit creatively. I’m so excited to try these!

  44. I’m sure mothers of small children everywhere will love you for this idea, Sue! It’s brilliant!

    • Sue says:

      Thanks Helen, it’s really interesting because so many popsicle recipes include simple syrup, and I don’t see the point, fruit is sweet on its own, and I don’t like it when the natural tanginess is blunted by sugar.

  45. Pam says:

    So fun, healthy, and tasty. My kids would adore these!!

  46. Amy says:

    Sue these look just so delicious and I love that there is no added sugar. I’ve been trying to avoid sugar lately and it’s appalling to find it in so many things. Using the mini-food processor is a great idea too – cleans up in a snap.

    The popsicle molds I bought last summer aren’t great; things seem to stick to them. Is there a particular brand you like?

    • Sue says:

      I like the heavy duty plastic ones with the metal rim around the top. They don’t stick at all, at least for me. I linked to a Norpro one in the post, and I also have one from Cost Plus that works well.

  47. How pretty is that photo?
    What a great way to get kids to eat more fruit with these beauts.
    Awesome job!

  48. These are absolutely spectacular, perfect for kids of all ages. Although I must say, they really look more like a work of art than a popsicle :)

  49. Candace says:

    Oh, gosh, Sue! No longer will I be running to the store this summer for pomegranete or lime popsicles on our scorching hot days! These look to die for and so very healthy! Thanks so much.

  50. sippitysup says:

    They are indeed quite beautiful and I imagine you can get a whole days serving of fruit in on tasty treat. GREG

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