7 Sweet Corn Salads

watermelon and corn salad in a blue dish

Sweet corn salad ~ is there anything better? These corn salad recipes made with fresh summer veggies and fabulous dressings make the cob sort of…irrelevant!

fresh corn on the cob

sweet corn salads

Yesterday at the farmers market I loaded up my market tote with so much corn it broke right through the bottom. I’m a little crazy when it comes to corn, it’s one of my all-time favorite foods and I will buy impractical amounts, especially in August. But there is a limit to how many ears a girl can eat, even when you factor in breakfast 🙂 Luckily I’ve got lots of fresh sweet corn salads on the site that go way beyond the cob. I’ll power through this in no time!

removing corn kernels from the cob

3 ways to use fresh corn in salads

  • RAW
    • Yes, you can eat corn raw, all you have to do is strip the kernels from the cob. I reserve this for the sweetest in-season corn.
    • Par cook the corn in boiling water for a few minutes, or in the microwave (wrapped in a wet paper towel.) This is what I do most of the time because it enhances the flavor and takes the raw edge off while maintaining corn’s famous crunch.
    • Grill or broil corn just until it starts to get blackened in spots. You can do this in or out of the husk. I like to do it in a cast iron skillet on the stove for convenience. The smokey flavor is fabulous in salads.
blistered corn for blistered corn and asparagus salad with salmon

creamy sweet corn salad

The glory of sweet juicy corn kernels is a given, but I had no idea that pairing them with such a simple buttermilk dressing and fresh basil was going to be quite this delicious. I could seriously eat a whole bowl of this stuff, it’s that good!

creamy sweet corn salad in a glass bowl

corn and cucumber salad

This salad celebrates corn’s refreshing side. Crunchy kernels meet crisp cucumbers, fresh dill, and a little thinly sliced red onion for some punch. I especially love this cooling salad alongside spicy entrees like barbecue or grilled chicken.

corn and cucumber salad in a green bowl

Mexican street corn potato salad

The flavors of Mexican street corn are famously delicious, and make a great alternative to your basic potato salad. Fresh juicy lime, herbaceous cilantro, creamy mayo, cheese, and a little spice all come together for a super fun summer side.

sweet corn and watermelon salad

Really good sweet corn and really good watermelon are really only available in the summertime, so take advantage and team them up! I especially love this juicy salad served with fish or tacos, but who am I fooling? I just snack on it all day long.

watermelon salad in a glass cup

corn and beet salad

This summery salad is a family tradition – it gets tossed together several times a summer for gatherings and cookouts. This salad is incredibly healthy, and surprisingly satisfying!

charred corn and bean salad

Lightly charred corn adds such a lovely sweet ‘n smoky flavor to this loaded bean salad. You can blister the corn on the grill, or under your broiler ~ it tenderizes the kernels and adds instant interest to any corn salad.

Charred corn and bean salad in mason jars, with plastic forks

Blistered Corn and Asparagus Salad with Salmon

Talk about a satisfying salad…this one gets high marks for protein (salmon) and smart carbs (corn) along with tons of vitamins, minerals, and fiber (asparagus, arugula.)  

Blistered corn and asparagus salad with salmon in a wooden bowl

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