How to Make Sprinkled Ice Cream Cones

Sprinkled Ice Cream Cones ~ these chocolatey cones are dipped in white chocolate and bedazzled with sprinkles for the prettiest summer treats around ~ ice cream optional!

I spotted some chocolate ice cream cones in the store the other day and picked up a couple of packs, I figured they’d be handy to have on hand this summer to help turn a pint of ice cream into a fun last minute dessert. And, since I’m always looking for ways to use my growing collection of sprinkles, I decided to glam them up a bit. This is an easy idea, and always a big hit with kids. Adults won’t turn ’em down, either.

Grocery list for sprinkled ice cream cones:

  • a 12 pack of chocolate ice cream cones
  • a 12-ounce bag of white morsels
  • coconut oil
  • assorted sprinkles

I’m crazy for sprinkles, and every time I see a new one I pick it up, and since they keep forever, I’ve got quite a collection. The nice thing is that they come in so many varieties that you can customize them to any occasion. Try red white and blue for the summer holidays!

You’ll need to set up a dipping station with your bowl of melted chocolate, your sprinkles, and a parchment lined baking sheet to set the cones on while they dry.

It’s a simple matter of dipping your cones head first into the chocolate, and then showering them with sprinkles.

TIP:  Don’t try to dip the wet chocolate cone into a bowl of sprinkles, it works better if you hold the cone in one hand, and shower on the sprinkles with the other.

One they’ve hardened you can store them at room temperature or in the fridge.

TIP: Put the whole baking tray of cones in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes to solidify the chocolate. After that they can be stored at room temperature.

These cones are so good you might find you don’t even need the ice cream! And by the way, did you know that I have a recipe for HOW TO MAKE HOMEMADE SPRINKLES?

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Sprinkled Dipped Ice Cream Cones

Sprinkled Ice Cream Cones ~ these chocolatey cones are dipped in white chocolate and bedazzled with sprinkles for the prettiest summer treats around ~ ice cream optional!
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Prep Time 15 minutes
Yield 12 cones
Author Sue Moran


  • 12 pack Oreo Ice cream cones
  • 12 ounce bag white morsels
  • 2 Tbsp coconut oil (melted or hardened, it doesn't matter)
  • assorted sprinkles


  • Put the morsels and the coconut oil in a small microwave safe bowl. Microwave on high for 1 minute. Let sit in the microwave for 1 minute. Then microwave for another 30 seconds. Stir until completely melted and there are no lumps. If lumps remain, you can microwave for another 15 seconds.
  • Working one at a time, dip the wide end of the cone into the chocolate, then sprinkle with sprinkles.
  • Set the cones down on the parchment paper.
  • When you have dipped all the cones, put the tray into the refrigerator to fully harden. This will only take about 15 minutes. They can be stored at room temperature, or in the refrigerator.
The nutritional information for recipes on this site is provided as a courtesy and although tries to provide accurate nutritional information, these figures are only estimates.


  • You’ll have extra chocolate, and it can be stored and re-melted for a future batch of cones.
  • You can make sprinkled ice cream cones with regular sugar cones, too, just use milk or dark chocolate, and melt and decorate in the same manner.
  • I’ve done this same thing to ice cream waffle cups, too, in my CHOCOLATE SPRINKLE WAFFLE CUPS post.


Don’t forget to pin these fun sprinkled ice cream cones!

Sprinkled Ice Cream Cones pin


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  • Reply
    May 25, 2020 at 8:00 am

    Hi Sue,
    How far in advance can you make these? I’m doing an ice cream bar for a bridal shower and these are exactly what I had in mind! Can I make them 3-4 days in advance? If so what is the best way to store them?

    • Reply
      May 25, 2020 at 8:34 am

      Yes, that would be fine, and I’d keep them in a cool dry place, no need to refrigerate.

  • Reply
    Mary Ann | The Beach House Kitchen
    May 30, 2017 at 9:19 am

    So fun for summer Sue! Such a great make it yourself treat for the kids at the summer dessert table!

  • Reply
    May 28, 2017 at 7:16 am

    I want to make these! Mainly, because I want some reason to have several bowls full of all kinds of candy sprinkles spread over my kitchen table!

    • Reply
      May 28, 2017 at 7:29 am

      It’s as good a reason as any 🙂

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