Favorite Spring Cookies

colorful pansy shortbread cookies

A few of my favorite spring cookie recipes to bake for spring holidays, weddings, showers, graduations, or just everyday munching, because our inner cookie monsters are hungry year round!

colorful pansy laminated shortbread cookies

Spring has sprung, so let’s make cookies! Cookie baking is a year round pleasure, and while the winter holidays get most of the glory, some of our favorite cookie recipes celebrate the spring season.


Strawberry Shortbread Cookies

These pretty pink cookies come by their vivid flavor honestly ~ I use a powder made from freeze dried berries to infuse them with the true essence of strawberries. This kind of fresh strawberry flavor is unheard of in a cookie!

a stack of strawberry cookies



Soft Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting

These pretty pastel cookies will compete for top spot in your Easter basket with lots of spring colors and festive sprinkles. The cookies are soft bakery style shortbread and the frosting turns them into the best cookie you’ll ever put in your mouth.

colorful iced sugar cookies



Pansy Topped Shortbread Cookies

Classic vanilla shortbread laminated with real pansies only look difficult to make, but you’ll master this easy technique in no time. If you love flowers, or love to garden, these cookies are a super fun project.

pansy shortbread cookies on a cooling rack



Roasted Rhubarb Baci di Dama

The Italians know their way around a romantic cookie, and these delicate rhubarb cream filled kisses are perfect for the spring holidays, weddings, and showers. The tangy rhubarb buttercream is sandwiched between two light as air almond cookies for a delightful combination.



Sprinkle Sugar Cookies

The beauty of these sugar cookies is that you can customize them to whatever you happen to be celebrating at the moment. A baby shower, a home team game, a graduation…all perfectly reasonable excuses to bake up a batch of sprinkle cookies in the appropriate colors.

a stack of sprinkle covered cookies



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