How to Eat Salmon Once a Week and Love it!

slicing a whole side of salmon

By my calculations there are 13 weeks  of summer, and that just happens to coincide with healthy salmon season ~ so here are 13 of my most mouthwatering salmon recipes to keep you in tip top shape all summer long.



RAINBOW SALMON SKEWERS ~ if you want a quick and easy salmon dinner, skewer it! Rainbow peppers and onions are  pretty, but you can add mushrooms, summer squash, or any other quick cooking veggie.

barbecue, stove top or broiler, all methods work for these easy rainbow salmon skewers



MEDITERRANEAN SHEET PAN SALMON ~ if you’re sharing your salmon with friends it makes sense to go big with a whole side of salmon. Ask for larger cuts at your regular supermarket fish counter, they’ll be happy to help, or check out Costco and similar stores for great deals.

Mediterranean Sheet Pan Salmon



ROASTED SALMON WITH KIWI SALSA ~ this is my latest recipe and current favorite way to eat salmon: topped with a tumble of fresh kiwi salsa. I love this with mixed fruit salsa or strawberry salsa as well.

Roasted Salmon with Kiwi Salsa on a sheet pan with forks and knives



SALMON WITH PINEAPPLE JALAPEÑO SALSA ~ this tropical themed salmon goes great with margaritas, mai tais, and piña coladas.

Salmon with Pineapple Jalapeno Salsa ~ this is a simple meal for a warm night, and the salsa can double as an appetizer ~ just add some great chips and an ice cold beer or margarita!



GRILLED SALMON TACOS WITH CILANTRO CREMA ~ you can use leftover salmon in these tacos, which means you can spend all your time dreaming up fun toppings.

Grilled Salmon Tacos with cilantro crema ~ this casual meal makes life so easy, just set out the tortillas and the fixings, and let people have at it. Everything can be made ahead so by the time the afternoon heat sets in, all you have to worry about is staying cool!



GRILLED WILD SALMON SALAD ~ grilled salmon over greens is a fabulous summer meal, but grilled salmon over grilled greens is even better!

Wild Salmon and Grilled Romaine Salad



GRILLED SALMON SALAD WITH SPRING GREENS~ this little folly of a salad is fun to improvise on with whatever is lying around from the rest of the week’s meals…and don’t forget an edible blossom or two.

spring salmon salad on a wooden board



CREAMY LEMON DILL SALMON ~ salmon is a superfood, yes, but it can also be incredibly comforting…

creamy lemon dill salmon in a skillet



SALMON AND ZUCCHINI BURGERS  ~ this is salmon’s take on a burger and it’s to die for. This meal is budget friendly, too.

Salmon and Zucchini burgers are tender and delicious atop a fresh watercress salad ~



FINNISH SALMON SOUP – LOHIKEITTO ~ for cool summer nights, or when your significant other cranks the air conditioning way too high.

Salmon Soup in a white bowl



SMOKED SALMON OPEN FACED SANDWICHES ~ a super elegant appetizer, lunch, or, depending on how you load them up, light supper.

Nordic Open Faced Smoked Salmon Sandwiches



MELT IN YOUR MOUTH SHEET PAN SALMON ~ I challenge myself to wedge as many gorgeous colors onto the sheet pan as I possibly can.

Sheet Pan Salmon with Caramelized Winter Vegetables



SAVORY SMOKED SALMON ‘CHEESECAKE’ ~ bet you’ve never had this before!

savory smoked wild salmon cheesecake appetizer



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    Robyn Gleason
    July 28, 2019 at 4:58 pm

    Such a beautiful collection, Sue. I definitely make the most of fresh salmon season. This versatile fish is so lovely to make because it adapts so well to different flavors.
    As always, your stunning photos are an inspiration!

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