Refreshing Non Alcoholic Drinks for Summer

blueberry lemonade

Hot weather brings on big thirst, and these refreshing non alcoholic drinks have your back. Make them by the glass or the pitcherful, my colorful quenchers are a healthy alternative to sugary sodas and artificially flavored beverages.

blueberry lemonade



Frozen Mint Lemonade ~

Refreshing doesn’t even begin to describe the bright, bold flavor of this mint infused frozen lemonade. I can’t imagine anything better for the hottest, stickiest days of summer!

Hand holding a tall glass of Frozen Mint Lemonade, with mint sprig and straw



Star Spangled Fruit Infused Water ~

This is a fun and festive way to keep everyone hydrated all summer long. It couldn’t be any easier to throw together, and you get a nice light flavor from all those pretty pieces of fruit.

Star Spangled Fruit Infused Water



Blueberry Lemonade ~

Blueberries and lemon are a stunning pair! I just love the vibrant purple color and berry flavor in this upgraded lemonade.

blueberry lemonade in a mason jar



Honeysuckle Iced Tea ~

If fruity lemonades aren’t your thing, this honeysuckle iced tea is sophisticated, subtle, and so, so delicious. It’s like the sweetest days of spring in a glass.

Photo of two glasses of Honeysuckle Iced Tea garnished with mint and honey suckle blossoms.



Papaya and Lime Agua Fresca ~

The bright, tropical flavors of papaya and lime are an unexpectedly delicious pairing in this fruity drink. Agua fresca can be made with just about any fresh fruit, so have fun experimenting with new combinations this season.

Gorgeous AND delicious Papaya and Lime Agua Fresca



Iced Sweet Moroccan Mint Tea

This traditional Middle Eastern tea is amazing and it’s a no brainer to ice it in the summer. Fresh mint leaves from your garden (or the supermarket) give this tea a distinctive cooling, refreshing flavor. You can change it up by using any of the many varieties of mint.

Photo of two glasses of Sweet Moroccan Mint Tea with mint leaves.



Layered Juice Ice Cubes ~

A fun project for the kids this summer, my layered ice cubes turn plain water into fruity drink, and each one will be unique. This is a creative way to wean everybody off soda.

all natural layered fruit juice cubes



Strawberry Lemonade ~

Fresh strawberry puree sweetens up a classic lemonade and makes it pretty in pink.

strawberry lemonade


And if you’re looking for something for the cocktail hour ~


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    These look fantastic Sue! You are so creative! Thanks for getting us started for the hot summer with some very cool drinks.

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