The Chocolate Chip Cookie – 9 Ways!

Hilton's DoubleTree Chocolate Chip Cookie with a bite taken

Chocolate chip cookies are a universal pleasure, but we all have our own special needs and wants when it comes to this classic treat. Whether you love soft or crisp, thick or thin, traditional or something new and different, check out my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes!

Hilton's DoubleTree Chocolate Chip Cookie with a bite taken

DoubleTree Chocolate Chip Cookies

If a little crunch and a more complex flavor is up your alley, I highly recommend the famous DoubleTree Hotel chocolate chip cookie. The secret recipe was revealed to the world recently and I leapt at the chance to test it. We weren’t disappointed!

DoubleTree chocolate chip cookies on parchment paper

Soft Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you’re craving a classic chocolate chip cookie, I’d start here. These pillowy cookies are perfect for those of you who like your chocolate chip cookies soft and chewy. Check out my soft batch oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for another delicious variation.

The perfect soft style chocolate chip cookies!

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Gluten free? No problem. These amazing cookies swap out peanut butter for flour and butter! The concept works so well I’ve made several other nut butter cookies along the same theme, like my flourless almond butter chocolate chip cookies, and my flourless white chocolate chip macadamia cookies.

Thin and Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you’ve been spending your hard earned money on Tate’s thin and crispy cookies lately you’ll be happy to have this recipe…they’re spot on!

thin and crispy chocolate chip cookies on a marble surface

Single Serve Chocolate Chip Cookie

For when you really don’t need the temptation of a whole batch of chocolate chip cookies hanging around your kitchen, this clever recipe makes the perfect, satisfying cookie for one. Customize with the add in’s you love, like walnuts, oats, or pecans.

chocolate chip cookie for one

The Chipless Chocolate Chip Cookie

Ok, bear with me, these “chipless” chocolate chip cookies double down on the nutty, buttery, toffee-y flavors that I love in a good old chocolate chip cookie, allowing them to take center stage.  Yes, you can add chocolate chips to them, but give them a try as is and you might be surprised by how much you love them!

a stack of chipless chocolate chip cookies on a cooling rack

Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Buckwheat flour combined with white whole wheat flour gives these unique cookies an incredibly rich flavor and makes them surprisingly satisfying. Even if you’re skeptical, try them, you’ll love them.

a stack of buckwheat chocolate chip cookies on a cooling rack

Chewy Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies

These plush cookies prove that pumpkin makes just about everything better. You’ll want to stockpile canned pumpkin for this recipe.

pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with chocolate chips

Chewy Chocolate Chip Ginger Cookies

These cookies were a surprise hit with all of us…who knew warm ginger cookie spices went so well with chocolate? Don’t save these just for the holidays!

chewy chocolate chip cookies wrapped in foil

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Are you a ‘forget the cookie just give me the dough’ person? Rather than have you fishing around some plain vanilla ice cream for chunks of frozen cookie dough, I designed this ice cream recipe to taste like chocolate chip cookie dough through and through. Perfection.

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