How to Eat Chocolate in Summer!

scooping no churn chocolate ice cream

These easy chocolate recipes are optimized for summer, because a decadent chocolatey dessert is a necessity in every season, and when chocolate is also refreshing, it’s pure magic ~ here’s how to do it right.

chopped milk chocolate


Add Zucchini

Nothing summer-izes a recipe like zucchini. My chocolate zucchini bread pushes the envelope with a silky chocolate ganache frosting.

a loaf of death by chocolate zucchini bread, sliced, with forks



Churn it

Cool and creamy, desserts like this classic chocolate frozen custard make those summer memories that stick with us for life.

chocolate frozen custard in an ice cream cone



Make it minty

Mint chocolate chip sheet cake is a potluck friendly chocolate recipe that packs a cool, minty punch ~ it’s the cake that thinks it’s ice cream!

A piece of mint chip cake with a fork taking a bite.



Put it on a stick

Pulling a Dutch cocoa popsicle with a crackly vanilla bean shell out of the freezer on a hot day is pure bliss.

Dutch Cocoa Popsicles with Vanilla Bean Magic Shell 9



Stash it in the fridge

Every fridge should have one of these cold chocolate snacking cakes on the shelf all summer long, preferably with a knife in there with it 😉

Cold Chocolate Snacking Cake 6



Make it no-bake

The chocolate crumb crust for this chocolate mousse pie gets baked for 8 minutes…in summer we cheat and skip that step, no one seems to mind!

Overhead picture of chocolate mousse pie.



Chill it out

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that can match the silky texture of this milk chocolate mousse. Try it, you’ll love it.

small jar of chocolate mousse with spoon



Whip it

Lightness and chocolate don’t always go together, but these cocoa meringues are chocolate in its air-iest form, almost like biting into a cloud!

These easy cocoa meringues are the minimalist of cookies ~ just a few simple ingredients whip up into something magical! Meringues are a naturally gluten free, fat free treat!



Give it the freeze

Frozen bananas dipped in dark chocolate is the ultimate summer treat when it’s hot out.

Copycat Trader Joe's Gone Bananas! 4

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