Recipes from the Summer Garden

Photo of heirloom tomatoes in a colander for basil salad with heirloom tomatoes.

Pairing up tried and true recipes with all the veggies from your garden, farmers market, or weekly CSA box!

are you cooking from the garden this summer?

Whether you’ve got a full blown veg garden, or a weekly delivery from your CSA, sometimes that bountiful produce gets the better of us. No worries, I’ve rounded up my freshest recipes to inspire you to use up every juicy tomato, and every last darn zucchini summer can throw at you!


Zucchini is known for being…productive, and by the end of summer we can’t give the stuff away. But armed with the right sweet and savory recipes, you might start hoarding that surplus.

zucchini bread with knife and zucchini

swiss chard from the garden


I love Swiss chard, it’s so beautiful, and easy to grow. But what to do with it? There aren’t a lot of chard recipes out there! Try using it in place of other greens in recipes that call for spinach, kale, or collard greens.

A rainbow chard salad in a white bowl

cherry tomatoes in the garden


Most of us don’t need any help eating the delicious, sun-warmed bounty from our tomato plants, but if you’re looking for some new inspiration, I’ve got plenty of recipes that’ll do justice to your prized specimens.

tomato toast sliced in half on a white plate

habanero peppers in the garden


Peppers don’t always get as much attention in the summer, when tomatoes and summer fruits are stealing all the limelight, but I love them for their bright flavors and versatility in the kitchen!

Spiced Lamb and Couscous Stuffed Red Peppers in a casserole dish

cucumber in the garden


Pickles, of course, but there’s lots more you can do with garden cukes, so bring ’em on!

Japanese cucumber salad with a spicy peanut dressing

a head of cabbage in the garden


Cabbages are such fun to grow in the garden with their dramatic size and lovely dusty green/blue colors. I use cabbage raw and cooked, all summer long and into the fall and winter. It may not be the most glamorous vegetable in the garden, but it’s a true hero in my book.

A skillet with fried cabbage and bacon slaw

eggplant in the garden


Eggplants are one of the heartier veggies to come out of my summer garden, and I love using them as the main attraction in a dish. Roasting or grilling them brings out amazing, sweet flavor.

A pan of moussaka with large spoon

garden kale


Kale is beloved by gardeners for its ability to provide fresh leafy greens from mid summer right up to the first frosts of the fall. This healthy veggie can be used in so many different ways, raw or cooked, and I love the different varieties you can get when you grow your own. Use any of them interchangeably in these recipes.

kale and fall fruit salad in a white bowl

brussels sprouts


Brussels sprouts take a long time to mature in the garden, so make sure you’re prepared to let those sprouts shine with the perfect recipe once they’re finally ready to harvest!

Creamed Brussles Sprout gratin ~ a super luxurious side dish made with the veggie everybody loves to hate! ~

broccoli in the garden


Broccoli can go super healthy or super comforting depending on your mood. Keep it light and crisp in the summer with a healthy slaw, and bring on the comfort food in early fall with a cheesy dip or soup!

Broccoli Honeycrisp Slaw with a Honeycrisp apple

garden glove on stake
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    Angela Thacker
    June 29, 2021 at 1:45 am

    Only recently found your recipes and I love them. Easy, Healthy just the kind of food we love.

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